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About MJ & Gems The pioneer behind the rarest gemstone on earth.

Company Profile

WE as "MJ & GEMS" are one of the most reputed and oldest family in the gemstone business in India , our great grand father came into this business 150 years ago and from then on we have been expanding ourselves to our best.

We have grown up playing with all kind of gemstones in our home and factories and we have got this skill called gemmology in our Jean.

Our reputation in the industry is of an honest and reliable source for purchasing the finest and rarest gemstones which are directly sourced from the mines.We pride ourselves on ensuring that our wide selection of gemstones is curated to the standards of our discerning customer base.

Each stone is hand picked and inspected by our experts for cut, clarity, color and value to make sure our customers have a one stop shop where they can find the perfect stones for their projects.

MJ & GEMS have built up great trust and confidence in the eyes of their customers around the world in the past years. That’s why we are committed to bringing in the very best and highest quality products.

Our catalog is updated constantly, so we encourage you to come back often and check out our latest products. You may also contact us in case you want a very specific type of product as well.

We are fully committed to quality and professionalism, and you will have no problem getting the best results.

If you want to learn more about us, our offers, service or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always here to provide you with the assistance and support you need!


Our vision is twofold. On the supply side, we aspire to be the world's leading environmentally responsible, human rights-minded, global suppliers and manufacturers of rare gems and fine jewelry; and creating suitable working environments that will provide honorable livelihood to employees at all levels of the supply chain to serve as an example to other companies by implementing business practices in accordance with the highest levels of ethical standards and to constantly develop and introduce new technologies to the gemstone industry by being pioneers of innovation and technological advancements.

we aspire to supply to our customers the most profitable form of investment, one-of-a-kind, unique, and rare gems that serve as tangible, transportable, high-value assets that will always appreciate in value and to faithfully serve our customers with the highest values of honesty, integrity, and customer care.


MJ & GEMS’s motto is to sell only ethically mined minerals. We do not sell dyed, Lab-made or radiated Gems. We have enjoyed close friendships with our miners and mineral dealers for decades. This allows us access to the rarest and most unique specimens that normally would disappear into private collections and never make it onto the open market.

We work closely with local and international jewellers, gem carvers and designers, providing them with selected gemstones and crystals and co-designing pieces to create their jewellery.

Why Choose Us

The market is flooded with many suppliers, why yet another, one wonders in a way... The simple reason is that our gems are directly sourced from the mines and as we have our own production then our prices are, reasonable, affordable and negotiable.

Because of our quality, prices and transparency in our business we have made great bondings with our clients, due to which we have become direct suppliers of high end gemstones in more than 50 countries of the world.

MJ & GEMS also supports small scale business, fair trade companies and business run by women in India, Sri lanka, Vietnam, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

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