Sphene or titanite belongs to the titanite mineral group as the titanium-rich (Ti) member. It's the only member of this group commonly used as a gemstone. While mineralogists officially use the term titanite to refer to this stone, many gemologists use the term sphene.

  With sphene hard work: on the hardness scale, this mineral moss is listed as 5, and therefore few masters are willing to undertake such a complex task setting. The value of sphene lies in striking colours, unique variance and impressive optical properties. Any jewelry made with Golden stone presents with bright red flares easily become a favorite in your collection. The mass of this instance of 12.75 carats, which is also a huge rarity. The stone was found in Pakistan and not ennobling: it by nature lacks foreign inclusions.

Stone : Sphene

Weight :6.09 ct

Shape :Oval